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Mike Gascoyne seems to have plenty of admirers among readers of this site and seems to have won many more over with his performance on BBC F1 last weekend in Shanghai.

Gazza likes doing media work, but he was really in China to see if he could win over any of the F1 teams, who might like to employ him. He’s been out of work since Force India let him go at the end of last year.

Gazza believes that his ability as a technical co-ordinator with specialist knowledge in the field of aerodynamics might appeal to some teams who are struggling to get on top of the new rules for 2009.

Today’s Gazzetta dello Sport is reporting that Gazza, 45, made a strong pitch to Ferrari at the weekend,

“I’m not looking for a fixed role,” he told the paper. ” But I could carry out a consultant’s role in the aero field, in the wind tunnel..”

Gascoyne believes he has three qualities which will appeal at Maranello,

“I have a working method like Ross Brawn and have a passion for all things Italian. Ferrari would enrich my career, I live between Switzerland and Germany with my girlfriend Silvia (ex Toyota marketing department) so to go to Maranello wouldn’t be a problem.”

Eagle eyed readers tell me that Gazza put his stately pile in Oxfordshire on the market in February and told the Oxford Times that he was selling because, “My next job is likely to be abroad.”

He’s obviously been thinking about this for some time.

Ironically Gascoyne had a cameo role in the Ferrari/McLaren spy story. He was at a restaurant in Spain when he observed Mike Coughlan and Nigel Stepney together, which he made sure to mention at the time.

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Mike Gascoyne is back in an F1 paddock for the first time since he was dropped by Force India at the end of last season.

Gascoyne is working for the BBC this weekend in place of his former boss Eddie Jordan. Gascoyne has had a stop start career in recent years, sitting out after being dropped by Toyota at the start of 2006 until being picked up by Spyker in 2007 shortly before it was sold to Vijay Mallya and became Force India. He bought a large yacht in 2006 and did some fairly ambitious single-handed sailing voyages, but you could tell that he was desperate to go racing again.

Although an engineering manager and co-ordinator in the manner of Ross Brawn and  a fierce one at that, Gascoyne is keen to get back into F1 and says that he would accept a role similar to the one Frank Dernie has at Toyota, where he is not the top dog, but is able to lend his experience and insights to the team.

Given that his particular area of expertise is aerodynamics and he has a great track record in sorting out cars which do not have enough downforce, he may well find a team making him an offer as they battle to come to accommodate the double decker diffuser into their designs.

“There are new regulations, and there are some teams struggling with the new aero rules which is an area where I have done very well in the past,” he is telling people in the paddock.

I’m sure Gascoyne will be a real hit with viewers this weekend. I encouraged him to help out on ITV with insights from the pit wall in recent years and he relished the task and added some great material to the show. Quite often he was making big strategy calls which he would tell us about and then we could see the effect of them in the race. It made for brilliant TV. The wet German GP of 2007 was the classic where his driver Winklehock, was 30 seconds ahead of the field early on because of a Gazza call to pit him for wet tyres early.

He is a great communicator and I’m sure he’ll add a lot to viewers’ understanding of what is going on. 

Although his BBC stand in role has been planned for months, the timing couldn’t be better as the team has the unenviable task this weekend of explaining the diffuser decision and it’s ramifications and Gazza is just the man to sum it up in layman’s terms.

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